Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Commitment to the Craft - Part 3


Critique Partners (also known as “CPs”) are, like Martha always says, a good thing.

You might think joining a group is just another commitment that will eventually take time away from your writing, but the truth is these CPs can help hold you accountable, without uttering a single word.

And, when you have a set time and place to meet, to go over your writing with others who are counting on your participation, it can help motivate you to keep that pen to the paper.

It’s easy to put things off when there is no “date” to keep. But standing someone up, takes guts. Most of us don’t want to let people down, and being a member of a group helps hold you "committed" to your writing plan.

Jackson Pearce did a really fun vlog about critiques. You can read about her here. And just click on the arrow to play it.

Enjoy! Thanks to Jackson Pearce.

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