Sunday, October 2, 2016


I LOVE Halloween...of course I LOVE almost every holiday but Halloween is especially fun for me because crafting is a creative way of expressing myself without much time, effort or money.


I decided to do a Wicked Witch of the East inspired craft.

I wanted to have Witchy looking tights and red  shoes sticking out from underneath a house...but it's hard to slip tights underneath a tiny house... unless you just happen to have one sitting around.

So, I asked my husband if he could build me a tiny home...No. Not one of those itty-bitty homes you see on HGTV. I was  talking about a little house I could use to squish a witch with. Now don't get upset with me because this is a WICKED know, from The Wizard of Oz fame. And not the sweet Elphaba we all know from WICKED. No this is her evil sister.

Anyway, my husband said he could throw one together in about fifteen minutes. And he did. Here's how he did it.

First he grabbed  some old scraps of wood. Yep, we have those types of things just lying around our house.

Then he cut the wood - just eyeballing the pieces to fit together.

When he was finished cutting, I jumped in to hold the pieces while he screwed them together.

And when it was all screwed together, I started painting the project.

But I wasn't happy with a simple little white house and roof...I needed to add a door and window to really make it feel like a home.

After it  dried, I added a little doorknob and put it all together on my porch.

And for a quick little project, with a lot of help from my hubby, I was really happy with this DIY Decorating project for Halloween. I'm really hoping all the little kids will love it :D

(Quick photo collage recap below) ;D

Wishing you all a  Haunted Halloween!

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