Monday, March 7, 2016

Wanna Build a . . . Cake?

So I love to bake and when a friend said her daughter was turning 3 and LOVED Frozen...well, the rest is history.

Of course this would have been cuter, if I'd bought a real "Frozen" Elsa...but those babies are expensive and I'm sort of cheap. But some white chocolate and a cake is pretty simple. All I did was braid this little spike doll's hair and dress her. Here's how I did it.

I simply baked a white cake, then frosted it with buttercream frosting and rolled out the fondant, slid it over the buttercream and then sprinkled some edible glitter dust over the doll and WAH-LAH...Happy Birthday!

And to make the little chocolates to place around the cake, I simply melted some white (blue) chocolate and poured it into molds. Then I chilled them in the fridge and popped them out when they were hard. SUPER simple.

Of course I had to make a cake stand that I could set the cake on but that was EZ. All it took was a piece of wood, some paper, a little glue and a ribbon.

I almost painted this doll's eyes blue but I thought that would simply be going over the top.

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