Sunday, January 31, 2016


So over the next few weeks you'll have the chance to read a little bit about a lot of books.

This is how it works:

First an author posts on their blog the exchange information about their book (cover, blurb, 250-500 word excerpt, buy links and author links.)
Next they notify authors in the Eggcerpt Exchange list that they want to exchange posts. Then two authors agree to exchange information about their books. Arrange the dates ahead of time and exchange URL information via email. Each posts the information on their blogsite with picture of the book, blurb, excerpt, links to other author's site and buy links to the book.
So this is a fun way to learn about some authors you might not know anything about and perhaps find a few good books to read and who doesn't want to do that?
Anyway, I hope you will all enjoy the guest spots I'll have here for you to read over.
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