Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What a Weekend

We spent the weekend in beautiful San Diego. It was a weekend filled with bike riding, running and football...oh yeah,  and food, and lots of it.

We had a great time watching the SeaHawks play against the Chargers. Unfortunately the Hawks were defeated but it was great watching the skydivers land on the field and to see the celebration of the 200 anniversary of our Star Spangled Banner.

It was mighty impressive.

How 'bout you...how did you spend your weekend?


David Batista said...

I was wondering where you went, with all the pics and all coming out on your FB timeline.

I hear SD is lovely. It was when I was there 5 years ago, although the weather is always the same: sunny and in the 70s! Nice for a week or two, but I would go crazy with that sameness all year round. :)

The Spooky Whisk said...

Very cool weekend but no pictures of the food? You're killing me.

It was a perfect autumn weekend here, we hit the bookshoppe cafe twice, and snuggled indoors the rest.

Cheers and boogie boogie.

Kim Kasch said...

David: It was 100 the weekend we were there...at least down on the football field - yikes!

TSW: The food pictures are on my FB ;D

Kelly Polark said...

I've heard San Diego is such a wonderful place to visit!
Last weekend I watched two baseball games (my son's) and had 14 boys for a Star Wars sleepover! (exhausting!)