Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY Floor Refinishing - Sanding the Old - In With the New

So, as you can see, the project isn't finished is getting there. And if you didn't see the floors before my hubby began this process - let me give you a peek.

This floor is 123 years old. So it's OLD fir flooring that has seen its share of wear and tear. But before my hubby could strip the layers of paint away, he had to do a few minor repairs--there were a few weak boards he wanted to replace.

You can see him here, reaching down into a hole to make a patch in the floor, and of course he had to use old flooring so it would match.  (A note to gardening friends - do you see him on his knees - yes, he's using a favorite gardening tool of mine - a Knee Pad, so there is more than one way to use this tool).

Anyway, then he had to strip off the first layer of paint with a machine he rented from The Home Depot for $60 for the day.

(You can see his patch job there - it won't show up so much after he strips the paint away from the other boards). But then he started the job, going slowly over the floor and being careful not to take too much off. He was concerned about gouging the wood but this old fir is super strong and you can see it was much improved after the first pass.

Of course he had to go over the floor a second time.

And then he actually got down on his hands and knees (using my gardening tool again) to get the last stubborn bits of paint up off those boards.

It was an all-day project and it was definitely a dirty job - he wore a dust mask to keep from breathing in the tiny particles floating in the air.

And you can see all the dirt left behind from the sander.

We're going to put a clear Varathane over the floor to protect the wood from scratches and wear but that's a project for another day.


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Thanks THW...he is very handy ;D

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

The floor looks gorgeous. And may it never be marred by paint again.