Thursday, August 1, 2013

Driving into a Forest Fire

Have you ever driven into a forest fire? Well we sort of did. Just last week. We were heading over to Leavenworth, Washington via Goldendale when I looked up and saw

At first I wasn't sure what it was but then I noticed the helicopter

Carrying what looked like a giant bucket.

I turned to my hubby and said, "It looks like we driving into a forest fire."

He said, "No, if it was a forest fire, they'd be turning us around."

Well, I whipped out my camera and snapped a few shots as quickly as I could--which wasn't too fast because I was looking around for someone flagging us down to tell us to turn around...or something.

But no one did and so we drove past this frightening looking site. It wasn't until later that we heard it was a major forest fire that involved over 17,000 acres. The fires were so bad on Sunday, we had to drive up to Seattle and around to come down on I-5 because both passes were closed.

It's a scarey thing to think we came that close to a fire and didn't even realize it until we were driving past it.


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Rena Jones said...

Yikes! I guess I better look at some websites since we're driving out to WA soon. Glad you got some photos. Forest fires really scare me. They seem so much crazier than the brush fires we had in CA.

Kim Kasch said...

Rena: I'm sure it will all be under control in a couple least I hope so.