Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ever Feel Violated...?

Our car was broken into. Okay there wasn't much in there for anyone to want to take. Seriously. They cleaned out the console, which was stuffed full of junk: lotions, antibacterial gel, a roll of toilet paper (okay who knows why we have certain things in certain places - but the kids were always needing to blow their noses.) Anyway, nothing worth anything...except for a cell phone charger and an electric inflater (you know the thing you plug into the lighter so you can quickly inflate inner tubes for the river...?) So not much anyone could sell, use or gloat over. Still, it's an awful feeling.

Oh yeah, they got my workout bag. It had some gym clothes in there and the one thing I really am upset they took...Micoach. I use the Micoach to help me train for my upcoming marathon. I only have 18 more days to train and that is . . . upsetting.

I could say . . . I can't run...but I won't. Still it was upsetting.

My husband says, "It's just stuff." And, I know he's right but it still makes me mad :( and kinda sad.


Jen on the Edge said...

Oh no, I am so sorry. I agree, it does feel like a violation when something like that happens.

I hope you can finish your marathon training and that you won't let this incident get you down.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

THat's a terrible feeling--I'm so sorry this happened to you, Kim. A pox on those crooks.