Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cartoon Me - Little Luke

This is a clip from my sons', Jake's and Luke's, web comic. Jake wanted to make a statue of his brother's toon for Luke's birthday. So, he did.

Jake does the art for their web comic and Luke does the writing. Most of the comic strips have Luke and Jake in them. Anyway, when Jake said he was going to make a statue of his brother I asked him, "have you ever made a statue before?"

"No," he told me, "but how hard can it be?"

I just smiled and watched him go to work.

First Jake had to sketch out the statue he wanted to make:

Then he had to make the armature to stick the clay on.

Then he had to start layering the clay.

Then the actual sculpting:

Now, it was time to bake the little Luke:

I thought he turned out sooooo cute:

And, so we drove to UofO to have Luke open his gift.

I think he liked his little Luke.

Plus, Jake was explaining that now he's going to make a statue of himself to fit on the other side of the circle. It will be brother to brother - standing back to back and forming a full circle.

Two toons immortalized in clay - how cute is that?


Jen on the Edge said...

That is so cute! I love the "full circle" idea. Maybe he'll keep going and do statues of the entire family???

Kelly said...

Your family is so darn creative (and sweet to one another).
So that is his FIRST sculpture and it turned out that awesome?!

Rena said...

Wow, that's awesome!

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks girls.

Jen: He gave his sister a penguin 'cuz she loves Happy Feet. I don't know if he'd want to do all of us. That would take some time especially mine 'cuz he'd need a little extra clay for my belly :( TIme to die----t.

Kelly: Yeah this was Jake's FIRST sculpture. He went to the art store and asked the clerk what materials to use.

I said something about it being hard and he said, "People think things are hard and don't try. I'm going to try it."

Rena: Thanks - and I'm a Mom - so I think so too.

Lisa Nowak said...

That's really cool.

Amy Y said...

That's so cool! Thanks for sharing :) Your boys are cute!

Anonymous said...

What a talented family you have! Seems like the apples haven't fallen far from the tree.

Lily Robinson said...

A talented family indeed!

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks! The apples fell off of my husband's tree though.

prashant said...

Wow, that's awesome!
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