Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wonderful Holiday Weekend

Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in September. And, it was first celebrated in New York City on Sept. 5, 1882.

So, what are we celebrating?

We are celebrating the working class and the day was picked because it falls mid-way between the 4th of July and Thanksgiving but really it is a great weekend to spend with the kids before they all head back to school.

My daughter is already back at Warner Pacific but my son doesn't start classes until the end of September. This will be one of the last weekends we'll all be together to - of course - EAT and enjoy our time together.

Tomorrow my baby turns 21 - YIKES - what does that say about me? Guess I'm getting old. But, it sure beats the alternative. ;-)

My oldest will be 25 - yep they share the same birthday. September 7th. The odds are strange. My husband and I share the same birthday too.

I guess the stars all aligned for us to share so much together.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend too.



wow - now that is NUTS! i had 2 nieces w/ the same bday and i thought that was crazy - 2 diff sisters tho

Stephanie Faris said...

What an exciting time for your kids. Hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend!

Rena said...

Happy Birthday to your kids. I hope you have a great Labor Day. I'll be spending mine trying to finish up that darn office.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Our weekend is perfectly awesome so far. I hope yours is the same.

MG Higgins said...

Happy birthday to your kids! Time marches, doesn't it?